Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

Well it's been well over a year since I posted anything here, and so much has happened.

I am a Real Nurse now!!! Wooooo hoooooo!!! RN baby!!! Besides graduating and passing boards, I also managed to land an awesome job in Progressive Care (Stepdown), and I LOVE it! It's not where I thought I saw myself working as a nurse, but I am loving it and learning so much.

DH and I are finally back to working on our house now that we (sort of) have the time and can (sort of) afford it. My kidlet is four...and meaner than ever. I'm also back to working a little more on my business, but that will have to take a back burner to the house right now. And, I'm already working on my BSN pre-reqs.

If all that isn't enough, we have decided another baby is in the future. Not the near future though, because I want to wait until I can use my short term disability, but we are in the planning stages. I want a homebirth. Unfortunately, I am approximately 1.5 hours away from any homebirth midwives, but hopefully I can work something out. There are no homebirth CNM's here, but there are several experienced CPM's. An alternative would be a birth center with CNM's, which just opened in my state, but it is approximately four hours away. The important thing is that this time I know what I want, and I will make sure to have the right support.

RN school was definitely the hardest thing I ever did, and the hardest thing my family ever went through, but it is finally paying off. It is amazing how different our lives are now than a year ago, and I believe another year will make even more difference.

Thank you to everyone who stood by me and supported me through this journey!

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